Our mission is to elect better prosecutors. Electing reform-minded prosecutors is essential to reforming the criminal justice system. That’s why our network engaged in 15 elections in 2015 and 2016, winning 12 of them.


Disproportionate impact on the justice system.

Prosecutors have outsize power and largely unchecked authority in the criminal justice system—from charging nonviolent drug offenders with felonies to seeking the death penalty disproportionately based on the race of the victim and defendant.

Long-time incumbents without real challengers.

Almost all prosecutors in America are elected to office and 95% of them are re-elected—often without serious challengers and regardless of corruption, scandal or incompetence. Uncluttered elections mean a real chance for impact.

Local, immediate impact with high-stakes consequences.

Electing good prosecutors is complementary to traditional reform initiatives, concentrating efforts where they have the most immediate impact. For defendants in these jurisdictions, a fair prosecutor can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment—or death.


Our network’s wins in 2015 and 2016 across all jurisdictions encompass a total population of 19 million.

Every jurisdiction in which our network won races had at least 29% of-color population.

Past victories led to 2 candidates dropping out due to our network’s involvement.


We spotlight just a few examples of the dozens of prosecutors across the country that are advancing a reform-minded vision that emphasizes justice and public safety. 

John Chisholm
District Attorney
Milwaukee County, WI
Kim Foxx
State’s Attorney
Cook County, IL
Kim Ogg
District Attorney
Harris County, TX
Aramis Ayala
State Attorney
Orange-Osceola, FL
Raul Torrez
District Attorney
Bernalillo County, NM